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Plate of roll cut sauteed carrots next to carrot leaves
Kitchen Basics, Sides

The Best Sautéed Carrots

Excellent: the dialogue in The Philadelphia Story, any summer in the PNW, new socks, and properly sautéed carrots. Something magical happens when coconut oil and carrots meet. They become friends, but like instantly finishing each other’s sentences, friends. Time to sauté some carrots. LET’S GET COOKING INGREDIENTS carrots coconut oil […]

Homemade cranberry sauce with turkey and mashed potatoes

Cranberry Sauce

Turkey. Sometimes it needs a little help sliding down. I’m convinced that unbrined birds necessitated the invention of cranberry sauce. Growing up, I never much fancied the stuff, then again, we ate the canned variation which was… well, it was something. This particular cranberry sauce is sans refined sugar, yet […]

Chicken Stock with carrots, celery, and garlic
Kitchen Basics

Better Chicken Stock

In the face of uncertain markets, one stock remains a sure bet: chicken stock. And when you’re making it at home, it’s flavorful, money-saving, and saves the planet! [I made that last one up, but, change my mind.] Time to get our chicken stock on! INGREDIENTS chicken carcass [or whole […]

Ginger Honey Ham Glaze

Ginger Honey Ham Glaze

The honey glazed ham is a holiday staple. A mainstay as much as waiting in line at the post office for 3-hours, losing your parking spot to an over-caffeinated SUV driver, getting the WORST Christmas song stuck in your head [“simmmmmmmmmmply having a wonderful Christmas time!”], receiving a thoughtful gift […]

Green Chile and Turkey Pizza

Green Chile Pizza

Simple. Fun. And flavorful like you won’t believe. I’ve been drowning slices of this gloriously delicious green chile pizza in ranch for decades. I can’t stop. I won’t stop. Get your Zia (New Mexican flag) socks on, because the next stop is Flavorville! LET’S GET COOKIN‘ BAKING Ingredients The Toppings […]

Korean Fried Chicken with white rice

Korean Fried Chicken

Among the extensive list of things I miss about Korea, fried chicken is on the top of the list, I mean, besides ArtBox, Galbi, COEX, blistering-hot Goguma in the winter, real kimchi… I digress. Fine. I have K-town issues, but, just like the beautiful country, Korean fried chicken might just […]