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Korean Fried Chicken with white rice

Korean Fried Chicken


Among the extensive list of things I miss about Korea, fried chicken is on the top of the list, I mean, besides ArtBox, Galbi, COEX, blistering-hot Goguma in the winter, real kimchi… I digress. Fine. I have K-town issues, but, just like the beautiful country, Korean fried chicken might just […]

New Mexican Breakfast Burrito

The Best Breakfast Burrito


Forget minuscule, non-fat, yogurt flax bowls, this is breakfast. A breakfast burrito isn’t known for its subtlety. That’s not its game. If you want subtle– gnaw on a celery stick. Let’s begin. LET’S GET COOKIN’ Ingredients Wondering what to put in a breakfast burrito? Well, you’ve come to the right […]

Red Chile

Red Chile


This is it. Prepare to be dissatisfied with any off-the-shelf red chile from this day forth. We’re about to embark on an adventure from which there is no turning back. Making your own red chile is exactly like Fight Club, but the opposite, so, it’s more like Crossfit: you’ll be […]

Carne Adovada - Authentic New Mexican recipe
Breakfast, Lunch

Carne Adovada


Carne adovada is the king of marinated New Mexican meats. It’s a right of passage. Carne adovada is a minor, red-chile religion. It’s wonderful. Just like grits in the south, or smoked salmon in the Pacific Northwest, you’ve got to try it, eat it, then make your own. Get it […]